INNOVATION SCHOOL: a new proposal to improve your product development process

INNOVATION SCHOOL: a new proposal to improve your product development process

INNOVATION SCHOOL: a new proposal to improve your product development process


New proposal to improve your product development process: Innovation School 


Restarting after the Coronavirus crisis will require an important rethinking of the ability of SMEs to respond to customer needs and generate new products. 

Speed of response to ever-changing needs and flexibilityunderstood as the ability to challenge oneself to change and adaptwill increasingly become two fundamental variables. 

This requires new people’s skills, new methods and new tools. 

An SME that will be able to use speed and flexibilityas a strengthwill acquire important competitive advantages. 


WHAT IS Innovation School? 

Innovation school is a real innovation school for technicians and companies who want to learn the most modern techniques to make product and process innovation in the company. 


Are you a company and want to reduce product development times and improve the success of new products / services? 

Innovation School ti offre la possibilità di:

Innovation School offers you the opportunity to: 

  • train your resources that deal with product development and innovation, 
  • understand which methodologies and tools bring the most benefits to your product development process, 
  • support your people on the field, to improve the product development process in your reality, 
  • evaluate the skills acquired by your technicians at the end of the course. 


Are you a manager or a technician and do you want to learn the most modern organizational methodologies in the technical and product development area? 

  • Take part in our online courses 
  • You will have your own personal coach available for the duration of the course 
  • You will take a final exam with an expert evaluation and we will issue you with the certificate of participation in the Innovation School 


You don’t want or you can’t participate in the whole routedon’t worryevery webinar is designed to be available also in stand alone mode. Choose only the webinars you prefer. In additionyou can find webinars whenever you want, in our On-Demand Training section. 




The path is made up of several fundamental steps which can also be run through a free sequence. 

Each of the steps can be used for themselvesas a training element, or represent the beginning of a specific project aimed at significantly improving the activity and results of the product development processes. 

The seminars have a very short duration (maximum 2 hours), compatible with the online course and with flexible time management. 

The seminars foresee the performance of some preventive tasks and during the sessionwhich will be highly interactive. 




Innovation School is divided into 10 paths to touch all aspects of innovation in the company, from the birth of ideas to production. 


Innovation school can be used as a catalog open to all (omnibus) or developed ad hoc and exclusively for your company (faculty). 

The cost for the omnibus formula is ad personam and is € 1,300 for the entire route. 

The cost of the internal faculty formula is € 1,000 per person for the entire route (minimum 3 people). 


Don’t waitthis is the time to strengthen your skills and that of your people on innovation and product development! 


We are at your side with our experience and with our services of: 

  • training, 
  • advice, 
  • temporary management. 


You can also participate in individual steps / seminars, the price is specified in the events area of our site: click here! 

Become an innovation leader, enroll in the Innovation School by GC&P. 

Contact us to book your place! Write to 




During the course, more experienced teachers of Innovation, Product Development, Lean Organization and Creativity will be involved: Riccardo Bressan, Paolo Pesavento of BACDaniele Pozza, Stephanie Vella, Chiara Tasinazzo.

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