Selling in Germany: Is your company vaccinated against the “spread”?

Selling in Germany: Is your company vaccinated against the “spread”?

Selling in Germany: Is your company vaccinated against the “spread”?

In the last few years the term “spread” has become a nightmare for many entrepreneurs basically for two reasons:

  • first, because a high spread means that your bank will revise the interest rates on your loans to adapt them to the new levels of the spread. That might mean that all of a sudden you will have less cash and less credit, which means less investments in equipment and marketing.
  • second, a medium-term and more serious problem. Your bank will apply the same logic not only to you, but to all its clients, companies, private citizens and public institutions. As a consequence everybody will have less cash in the midium-term.

Many economists are convinced that Italy is risking not only an economic recession but a real default similar to that suffered by Greece a few years ago.

We are not in politics and we cannot know for sure what will happen in the next few years, but we can give you the advice we give to all our clients: try and differentiate your risks.

If today all your customers or most of them are in Italy, your risk in case of default is enormous. What we advise you to do is to diversify your investments starting a strategy of international development.

The most reliable nation is certainly Germany: here in Italy we determine the spread in comparison with the German governement bond yield and this is due to the fact that Germany has the reputation of one of the largest and most stable economies in the world. And it is only a few hours from your company!

Our service “How to sell in Germany” will support you to devise the best strategy to sell in foreign markets and especially in the German market.

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