Business Funding

High-quality projects for training and improvement at competitive prices through fundings

Nada De Marchi
Senior Expert for Training and Funding

«Small and medium companies can grow and compete only if they can invest in innovation, sustainability, internationalization and people empowerment. The amount of these investments is sometimes prohibitive and that is often discouraging if SME cannot rely on outside financial help.»

What is it?

European, National and Regional Institutions have established a system of funding investment projects with the following objectives: product and process innovation, sustainability improvement, human resources empowerment.

We at GC&P can help companies get the right information about innovative project funding initiatives (FSE, FSER, Interprofessional Funds, European Funds etc.) and can support them in the sometimes hard and time consuming tasks of writing and submitting application forms, managing the projects and meeting reporting requirements.

These public funds can be used to finance our consulting projects.

We have been accredited by Regione Veneto as qualified teachers and presenters and by Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico (MISE) as suppliers of “Temporary Export Manager” services.

The benefits

Savings: the possibility to get public funds allows companies significant savings in terms of less consulting and training costs.

Simplicity: thanks to our support companies do not have to spend time and effort to do the bureaucratic work required which is completely done by our experts.

Effectiveness: thanks to our support the probability to get public funds becomes definitely better. We have submitted a large number of projects and our success rate in terms of project accepted and funded is very high.

Support to Lean Transformation Projects: Public funds can be obtained to finance consulting/training projects of Lean Transformation, environmental sustainability improvement, internationalization, product innovation.

Our services

Monitoring opportunities

Through the continuous search for opportunities done by our experts we are in a position to suggest to each company the most appropriate funding initiative for each type of project.


We can plan, manage and report every kind of publicly funded project (FESR, FSE, Fondimpresa, etc.)

Our experts