Digital Marketing

Internet is a cultural and business revolution from which each individual and company can benefit

Matteo Miotto
Senior Consultant in marketing and business development

«We live in an era in which each of us is connected with the whole world. The web is changing our behaviour and, as a consequence, our consumption patterns. It is unthinkable for a business not to take into account these changes»

What is it?

Digital Marketing is the branch of Marketing that organises and uses digital tools in order to achieve business objectives.

All digital tools (web sites, social networks, direct marketing campaigns, search engine positioning) must be planned, organised and monitored in order to achieve the expected results.

The benefits

A digital marketing strategy coordinated with a general marketing strategy has a number of advantages:

starting budgets reasonably low and flexible

monitoring tools that make it easier to measure the results and compare them to the objectives

Our services


GC&P organizes Master Classes and Workshops on digital marketing and its basic tools.


We support our clients to define a Digital Marketing strategy and to implement it.

We support them in the implementation, test, use and monitoring of Digital and Web Marketing tools such as: web sites, social media, search engines, advertising campaigns and direct marketing.

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