Corporate Policy

GC&P’s Corporate Policy includes the basic principles which inspire our activity towards our clients, our professionals and the society in general.


  • The satisfaction of our clients’ needs and expectations is our priority and our major commitment.
  • We think our clients are our partners, therefore we are ready to risk part of our compensation linking it to the results we achieve.
  • We invest in research and development and we maintain international contacts so as to be able to use in our work and to teach our clients the most advanced methods to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We guarantee the professional skills of our consultants who are accurately selected and continuously trained.
  • We guarantee that our consultants are not only excellent professionals, but also people with sound human values which enable them to have a good relationship with our clients’ personnel and to lead work team even in complex environments.
  • We guarantee that all data and information provided to GC&P by clients or potential clients will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to anybody outside GC&P.


  • We select our professionals among people who have reached a high professional level and are able to provide our clients high level services.
  • We want our people to share with the founders of our firm the same values, the same passion for our job and the same desire to satisfy our clients.
  • We guarantee to our professionals an adequate compensation in line with their experience and we reward their ability to contribute to our firm’s development.
  • We do all we can in order to assure to our people a continuous professional growth.


  • We think it our duty to devote part of our time and resources to activities aimed at improving the organizational culture of Italian and International companies such as conventions, seminars, public debates, books and articles. To this purpose we have and intend to increase partnership and cooperation with qualified international consulting firms so as to develop an active exchange of innovative ideas and methods.
  • We think it our duty to contribute to the growth of local, national and international economic system and to this purpose we cooperate with other bodies, institutions and associations which share the same objective.
  • We think it our duty to contribute to a sustainable development devising methods aimed at saving resources and preserving the evironment.