Lean & Green

Lean & Green

«The Green economy is the economy, environmental consciousness is not just a cost but a great business opportunity to leave a better world for the future generations. We at GC&P believe that the green model is not a set of independent methods and techniques but on the contrary is fully integrated with the lean model. The Lean and Green Methodology we propose integrates lean methods and tools with environmental themes in order to fight and eliminate environmental waste. We are committed applying the green model first to ourselves, with the ambitious goal to become a firm with zero environmental impact within the next few years»

Alberto Canepari
Board Member

Lean & Green is a new way to face a problem which has been given more and more attention in the last few years. Energy saving, emission and waste reduction, environmental impact are already perceived as critical topics for today’s world and even more for future generations.

Environmental waste generated by a company is a cost for that company as any other form of waste. Its reduction is an opportunity, not only for society as a whole and for future generations, but first of all for the company in terms of lower costs, better reputation and better profits. Traditional Lean methods concentrate on flexibility, efficiency, inventory reduction and productive speed without paying special attention to environmental problems.

Our methodology Lean & Green uses the same Lean tools and methods but with a further purpose: to reduce environmental impact and its costs.

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Energy cost reduction: energy costs can be reduced in many ways: sometimes modifying plants and equipment, sometimes simply changing people’s daily behaviour. Monitoring these costs is also very important to keep them under control.

Waste reduction: a Lean & Green company works to continually reduce not only the classic seven lean wastes, but also environmental waste, thus further reducing costs.

Increased customer value: less waste and less costs mean more value for customers.

Benefits for society and future generations: reducing energy consumption, waste and emissions contributes to environmental sustainability for the present and the future.

In these last few years we have carried out many successful projects of Lean Transformation and we have proposed many training events on Lean tools and methods during which we use advanced Lean games and present real cases of Lean Transformation projects.

Environmental consciousness is not only a social duty, but also a source of cost reduction and a great business opportunity. We believe that Lean and Green themes are strictly connected and consequently we have created the methodology “Lean & Green” that makes use of the Lean tools and methods in order to eliminate environmental waste. We believe that in order to be truly reliable we must be green ourselves and to this purpose we have devised, and we are implementing a programme to become a zero emissions firm.

Training – Master Class on Lean & Green

GC&P propose the first and original Master Class on Lean & Green. We present the same concepts and techniques as in traditional lean courses, but in addition we speak of energy saving and reduction of any kind of environmental waste. The course has the duration of one day during which we deal with methods and techniques of Lean & Green in a highly practical way. In addition we present at least one case of a Lean & Green transformation.

Discover the contents of our Master Class on Lean & Green


Our team of experts can carry out accurate analyses of a company’s energy consumption and environmental impact and propose the best possible solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce waste. We can also determine the impact of these proposals in terms of savings.


If the client does not have people skilled in energy and environmental management we can provide the support of specialists for decisions concerning energy sources, waste reduction, environmental protection.

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