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«The real challenge for a software which claims to be an effective support to a Lean Transformation is the ability to add to the normal lean tools and methods the advantages provided by the right information available at the right moment, everywhere and for all who need it»

Nicola Rigobello
Senior Expert for Lean Transformation

A company that is going through a Lean Transformation process often realizes that its ERP system does not have the flexibility and adaptability required. For this reason someone has gone as far as to define ERP systems as “monuments” and to suggest their elimination.

We at GC&P do not agree with this radical but short sighted view that does not take into account the complexity of our companies and fails to understand the enormous benefits that a wise use of information technology can provide.

In order to help our clients to use ICT to effectively support their Lean Transformation we propose FloWare Solutions (FloWare = Flow + Software: “Softwares that support Flow”).

Our experts can help our clients in two way:

– defining the changes to existing ERP systems that are needed to support process changes

– integrating ERP systems with innovative software designed to support Lean processes (e.g. Lean e-kanban modules). Many ERP systems claim to have “Lean modules”, but in our experience these modules are all but Lean.

At present we can offer:

IKS (Integrated Kanban System) is an Electronic Kanban software designed and developed by our German Partner Manufactus GmbH, a signaling system that uses information technology to trigger the movement of materials within a production facility as well as in a extended supply chain. This software is unique in the market for its completeness, flexibility and user friendliness.

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PMS (Performance Measurement System) is a software for performance measurement, an essential tool to guide and control continuous improvement.

All our solutions are easy to use, can be integrated with any ERP and their implementation is easy and quick.

Less non value added activities: a good information system eliminates many non value adding activities and increases the time users can devote to value adding activities.

Flexible and fast data analysis: our solutions are based on Qlikview and are particularly user friendly: with but a few clicks it is possible to pass from details to aggregates and viceversa. Our e- kanban software includes a module which assures the correct dimension of the stock and provides any type of analysis on cunsumptions and stocks.

Do you want a supply chain more flexible and leaner? An electronic Kanban makes it possible to apply the pull logic not only inside the company but in every link of the chain without any limits due to distance or number of items to be managed.

Moreover, you can get other advantages: user friendly interface, integration with every information systems, celerity of installation and users training.

In these last few years we have carried out many successful projects of Lean Transformation and we have proposed many training events on Lean tools and methods during which we use advanced Lean games and present real cases of Lean Transformation projects.

We have also selected and implemented Lean supporting softwares that combine the simplicity of traditional Lean tools with the availability of information everywhere and on every device.

Our experience qualifies us to support our clients in the selection and implementation of the best software for each situation.

Training – Workshop FloWare Solutions

GC&P organizes on a regular basis a Workshop entirely focused on such themes as: softwares needed to support a Lean Transformation, changes to MRP and planning logic, performance measurement, etc. Our course are very practical and make a large use of exercises and simulations made with our exclusive software.

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Our experts can assist our clients in many ways. We can help them in the definition of the new functions of their ERP system as well as in the selection process. We can also help them in the implementation of the new software required by the Lean Transformation.

Installation and Assistance

In order to assure our client’s satisfaction we have established a network of partners for the development, customization, implementation and maintenance of the software we propose.

Trial period

It is possible to test our solutions for a limited time period in order to verify their effectiveness.

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