International business development

Sviluppo Internazionale

«In order to grow, a company must have a strategy for the global market. This does not mean to be present everywhere, but to know what are the most interesting countries where to sell, to produce and to buy and develop a coherent strategy to achieve the opportunities these countries can offer»

Nicola Gianesin
Chief Executive Officer

IBD (International Business Development) is a GC&P’s service for those clients who want to develop a strategy for the global market in terms of sales, manufacturing and procurement opportunities.

Thanks to our international network we can identify the best business opportunities and develop an action plan to achieve them. Our network covers some of the most interesting areas of the world and can help companies in search of new business opportunities to meet the right partners.

Our connections with local and national Institutions in various countries make it easier for us to introduce our clients to the reality of these countries.

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Sales increase: entering new highly populated countries is a unique opportunity to significantly increase sales and profits.

Access to supply sources: in many countries it is possible not only to sell products but also to find more economical supply sources.

Development of a global network: in today’s economy it is essential to have as many acquaintances and as many partners as possible in as many countries as possible.

Access to reliable up to date information about opportunities in International markets: having access to these information allows companies to select the best opportunities and to devise the best way to achieve them.

In these past few years hundreds of clients have entrusted to us the definition of their strategy for international development.

If you are looking for a know-it-all who promises to open for you the doors of the whole world, we are not the right persons for you for it has always been our policy to remain concentrated only on the most interesting and safe markets. According to this policy we have set up a team of experts with extraordinary linguistic and relational capabilities and very good relationships with governments and local institutions. We have also selected the best fair trades and the best buyers.

Along the years we have developed the method “6STEP-GC&P”, with the objective to allow our clients to develop in the international markets step by step without useless waste of resources. You can know more about our method “6STEP-GC&P” here. Here this is a short summary:

  1. Initial analysis to understand strengths and weaknesses of the company in view of an international development
  2. Selection of the countries that offer the best opportunities for the company’s products
  3. Definition of an entry strategy for each selected market
  4. Business visits: one or more trips and first meetings
  5. Advising on operational tools (Negotiation, Incoterms, payment terms, fiscal laws, Custom duties, languages, public funds and incentives).
  6. Action plan and definition of key performance indicators.

Training – “Doing business in…”

GC&P organizes on a regular basis meetings “Doing business in…”, in which qualified experts explain to business people the distinctive features of some of the fastest growing countries. During these meetings we deal with a large number of subjects: strengths and weaknesses of the country, fiscal systems, customs duties, social values, legal protection of trade secrets and know- how, human resources development policies etc.

GC&P organises Workshops on international development, aimed at explaining how a Small and Medium Companies should organise and what methods they should use to develop their business in foreign markets.



We assist our clients in their discovery of a new country through market researches, creation of promotional events, selection of potential customers, suppliers and partners, development of contacts, organization of and participation in business travels, follow up activities, start-up of new commercial and industrial sites.


Temporary Export Manager

We can also support our clients for longer periods and operate as their temporary export managers.

Since September 2015 we have been admitted to the register of Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico (MISE) as a firm qualified to provide “Temporary Export Management”.

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