Lean Production

Lean Production

«Every day we work on projects aimed at improving manufacturing and logistics. We are not soloists but we work in team with our client’s people and our purpose is to help each person become the true protagonist of change and improvement. Changing manufacturing processes is not enough. Most wastes, and consequently most opportunities for improvement, depends on information. As a consequence we think that no lean transformation can be really effective without changing the logic of production planning and purchasing»

Simone Tognin
Senior Expert for Lean Production and Lean Transformation

Lean production is a manufacturing system that aims at eliminating all kinds of waste and originates from the Toyota Production System.

Nowadays production systems must be ever more flexible and reactive to an ever- changing demand. Lean methods and techniques are consequently more and more important in order to improve production flexibility and adaptability to the needs of the market.

Lean techniques are generally well known, but in a Lean Transformation project people are more important than techniques and the success of this transformation depends on how the project team is managed.

GC&P’s Consultants can be of help both as Lean experts and as human resources management experts. Our expertise allows us to lead project teams to a successful implementation of the lean transformation.

More about how to successfully manage a Lean Transformation project.

Better service level: one of the most evident benefits of a Lean Transformation is a drastic reduction of delivery times and a drastic improvement of on time delivery ratio.

Inventory decrease: more flexibility and shorter lead times cause a decrease in inventory and an increase in inventory turns.

Lead times reduction: flow manufacturing brings about a drastic reduction of lead times.

Better efficiency: a reduction in setup times and an improvement in machine reliability and performance cause a significant increase in efficiency and productivity even though the size of production batches is reduced.

Better organizational climate: in a company where performances improve, non value added activities are eliminated and people are called to take an active part in the process of change, organizational climate cannot but improve.

In these last few years we have carried out many successful projects of Lean Transformation and we have proposed many training events on Lean tools and methods during which we use advanced Lean games and present real cases of Lean Transformation projects.

We work every day in Lean project in the factory, in the warehouse and along the whole supply chain: we do not act as soloists, but we lead project team members not only to pursue project objectives but to become real protagonists of continuous improvement.

Improving production processes is not enough because most waste elimination and improvement chances are in the flow of information and in the logic that govern production activities. Consequently, we think that a Lean Transformation cannot be achieved without a change in Production planning and in the relations with suppliers.

Training – Master Classes and Workshops on Lean Production

Our Master Class, Lean Organisation: how to increase competitiveness, deals not only with the classical Lean themes, but also with topics like production planning, team management and project planning, implementation and control.

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We assist our clients during the whole process of Lean Transformation from the definition of the future state map to the full implementation of the improvement actions defined. But we help our clients also in the implementation of various Lean techniques such as: VSM, KPI’s definition, Milk run, Supermarket, Kanban, Lean planning, re-layout, TPM, SMED, 5S, TQM, 6 Sigma, Work team management.

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Senior Expert for Lean, Innovation and New Product Development
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Senior Expert for Lean production and Lean Transformation
Senior Expert for Lean production and Lean Transformation
Senior Expert for Lean production and Lean Transformation