Human resources

«The goal of change management is simple: create the conditions for change and continous improvement inside complex organizations through a better employees motivation. Only through better human relations, stress reduction, team work appraisal, companies can aspire to perfection»

Nicola Gianesin
Chief Executive Officer

We believe that people are an invaluable source of value.

We support companies to implement projects aimed at improving internal communication and developing leadership, team spirit and cooperation: all pre-conditions to pursue continuous improvement and growth of the organization.

GC&P’ s experts support Managers to define and implement projects aimed at empowering human resources and making them into a real source of value for the business.

The starting point is an analysis of the organization and the company’s climate: becoming aware of the situation and its problems is fundamental in order to define the objectives to achieve, the actions to carry out and the time needed to get the expected results.

It is essential to ask some important questions. Is there a well -defined organizational structure? What are the roles assigned to each person? How do staff members approach their colleagues and managers? Is the level of competence adequate to the needs? Is there a correct and timely exchange of information?

Improvement actions can be classified into two categories: on the one hand those aimed at improving organization structure and human resources motivation, on the other those aimed at empowering people and establishing shared work methods.

Our approach is to work with our clients to devise training paths, compensation policies, incentive systems, career paths and motivation development plans.

Our purpose is to place the right persons in the right roles, but also to stimulate dynamism, teamwork, meeting effectiveness, better communication, better climate, attraction and retention of talents, correct evaluation of competences, efficiency improvement.

Efficiency: if the company wants to be efficient and competitive it must work as a group in which people share the same objectives and use the same methods to solve problems and overcome possible conflicts.

People involvement and enrichment: a company should have the mission to increase the potential of each employee so that each person can become a protagonist. A motivated and competent person is a great asset for every company.

Support to Lean Transformation: motivated people are essential in a lean transformation process. They live the transformation as if it were their own personal challenge and become creative and proactive.

Companies that have worked with us and have started new ways to manage their human resources have achieved tangible results in terms of better organization structure, people’s motivation and cohesion, and all this has improved their effectiveness in pursuing their objectives in terms of development and profitability.

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After an analysis of the training needs of the company we define a training plan based on specific and concrete training sessions. We always make use of interactive methodologies, like role-playing, simulations, problem solving, outdoor training. All these methodologies aim at encouraging a participants’ active involvement.

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We support our clients to identify the best solutions in terms of organization charts, compensation systems, processes and information flows, company’s climate and relational dynamics, HR development policies, total reward systems.

Temporary Management

We can also provide on a temporary basis experienced professionals who can act as temporary managers. This service can be particularly useful for those companies that need to increase the competence of their resources or in case of intergenerational transition in family businesses.


We can manage on a continuous basis HR management functions like: training planning, competence evaluation, remuneration policies, incentive systems, performance measurement etc.

This service is particularly helpful for those companies that do not want to bear the cost of an internal HR Manager.

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