Knowing how to innovate

Nicola Gianesin
Chief Executive Officer

«The economy grows if SMEs grow. This is the reason why we created Nord(b)est, a laboratory devoted only to process innovation, traning and growth inide SMEs. We chose as payoff, “Knowing how to innovate” because without knowledge there is no innovation and without innovation there is no growth»

What is it?

How can small and medium sized companies compete in the global market? The answer is simple and clear: only if they can achieve excellence and excellence is the result of an effort of continuous improvement in every aspect of the organization: strategy and marketing, product development, manufacturing, supply chain, customer service, human resources motivation and management, finance and control. Becoming excellent requires dedication and education. Nord(b)Est is a GC&P’s initiative to promote education for excellence.

Our main tool is the Master Class, a short, effective and practical training session in which we teach the best management methods and techniques mainly through simulations, case studies and visits to excellent companies.

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In addition we cooperate with CIMBA, a Consortium of 34 American Universities with an important location in Paderno del Grappa (TV), in a number of projects involving our clients willing to promote their business in foreign markets. We have launched Nord(b)Est Award, a competition among CIMBA students for the best project concerning the international business development of Small and Medium Sized Companies. Winners (students and companies) are proclaimed every Spring at public ceremony to be held in Asolo.

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Starting from 2014 in addition to the already traditional award for the best internationalization project a new award is launched to reward the best article, reportage or service on Small and Medium Enterprises of Italy’s North East. The award will go to the journalist who will show the ability to better understand and describe the dynamism and innovativeness of the companies of our territory. The selection will be made by a jury of experts from GC&P, CIMBA and other institutions of our region. The prize giving ceremony is held every spring in Asolo.

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Nord(b)Est is main sponsor and key-player in managing and promoting the project Talenti per L’Impresa (Companies get Talents). The project aims at making it easier for young graduates to enter the job market and find a job inside SMEs. Each year ten selected graduates are offered a job inside a company as interns. In addition they attend highly-innovative training activities and are followed and supported by a team of professional experts

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Nord(b)Est tell stories of life and business supporting Managers and entrepreneurs of small and medium companies to make their story known to the public through articles or radio, TV programs, social media.

The benefits

For those companies that participate in the Master Classes: a practical and effective training on the most advanced management techniques and methods available, thus increasing their capability to innovate and to compete.

For those companies that participate in the Nord(b)Est Award: an in-depth study on foreign markets and clear indications as to the best policies to develop business in those markets.

For those companies partner of the project “Talenti per l’impresa”: a good opportunity to get in touch and test as interns young graduates at very low price.

For our Community: Nord(b)Est with its activities and projects plays a pivotal role inside the Community: training its human resources, favoring the international business development of its companies, supporting aspirations to find a suitable job of its students and graduates.

Our Services

Master Classes and Workshops

Nord(b)Est does all the work needed to organize theMaster Classes: planning, contents definition, teachers selection, contacts with potential participants, etc.. We also provide most of the presenters and teachers of our master classes. In addition to our experts we involve Managers from excellent companies.

Nord(b)Est Award

We participate in the selection of companies potentially interested in this kind of projects and we help them to define the outline of their projects. As the main sponsor of the Nord(b)Est award we are also part of the jury that assigns the prize, together with public institutions and personalities from the territory.

Nord(b)Est Award for Journalists

We gather articles, form and take part in the jury, assign the award, together with public institutions and personalities from the territory.

Companies get talents

We contribute to contact and involve companies, analyze their skills requirements, select worthy students, provide training to the students, support them during all the project steps through our network of experts.

Stories of life and business

We select the most interesting stories, we help managers and entrepreneurs to make them known to the public.

Our experts