Being a Leader today: what does it mean?

Being a Leader today: what does it mean?

Being a Leader today: what does it mean?


«It is time for a new generation of leaders to face new  problems and seize new opportunitiesBecause there is a new world out there to conquer.»

John Fitzgerald Kennedy


«Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality.»

Warren G. Bennis, docente, pioniere degli studi sulla leadership


«Real leaders eternally need bigger and more irresistible challenges.»

Mark Victor Hansen, consulente motivazionale statunitense


Here are some famous quotes about leadership and being a leader.


We also asked our expertsStephanìe Vella and Chiara Tasinazzo to help us better understand what being a leader means today! 


Watch their interviews:



A new leader figure, who must: 

  •  have a new way of thinking, 
  • reassess priorities and values, 
  • be able to give answers to take new actions, 
  • reason on several fronts simultaneously, 
  • imagine future scenarios 
  • ready today and tomorrow, 
  • being able to manage your mood 
  • have communication skills and the ability to transfer their vision and that of the company 


New types of leadership, therefore to face the future, new needs, new contexts, new markets. 


The idea of our Leadership Program was born from these principles and needs. 

Watch the interview with Nicola Gianesinour CEO, who explains “Why Leadership Program and what it is“: 



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