Creating successful products: goals, obstacles and solutions

Creating successful products: goals, obstacles and solutions

Creating successful products: goals, obstacles and solutions


I am crazy about successful plans. (A-Team: Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith) 


We at GC&P too! 


When it comes to developing a new product, a successful new product, we want all our efforts to be focused and bring the results we have in mind, in the shortest possible time. 


The process of conception, design and realization of a new product is complex and for this reason it must be managed in the best way. 

Over the previous monthswe have made several webinars on these topics and have also asked for your opinion. 


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Here are the results of the survey carried out together with our participants and our expert Riccardo Bressan.

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We asked you which are the objectives of a product development process.

The following points emerged from your feedbacks: 

  • customer satisfaction, 
  • time to market, 
  • cost / quality ratio. 


The obstacleshowever, in achieving these objectivesconsidered largerthat emerged in the survey are: 

  • time, 
  • skills, not only techniques, 
  • comunication. 


Finallywe asked you what are the characteristics of a good “Scrum master” and project leaderall the aspects that issued are not only related to technical skills and specific skills; many concern “being a good leader”. 


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Goals, obstacles, leaders, … which are the solutions to create a product that “works”? 

During our survey we also asked how many people knew and already used Lean and Agile methodologies for managing the product development processThese methods are still underused today but the potential is high and those who use them appreciate the results. 


This is where the idea of our school dedicated to product development comes from: Innovation School! 


We will find out together how to improve your product development process 


… from the idea generation to the product realization! 







Riccardo Bressan


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