INNOVATION SCHOOL: the path to think of the new, in a new way

INNOVATION SCHOOL: the path to think of the new, in a new way

INNOVATION SCHOOL: the path to think of the new, in a new way

In the previous article we presented our innovation school: Innovation School, to improve your product development process. 

One of the main protagonists of the conception and design of this training course dedicated to technicians and companies who want to learn the most modern techniques to make product and process innovation in the company is colleague Riccardo Bressan.

This is what product innovation is for him and this path in particular. 



I’ve always had the idea that having new ideas is all in all easy: I belong to the category of people who, in front of the world, instead of asking “why“, ask “why not“!” 


To move from an idea to a good idea to a producthowever, the road is never linear. 

Set for a second that you are good at generating ideas, the risks are many: 

  • it is not said that people like these ideasexcept maybe ourselves, 
  • it is not said that they serve anything or satisfy someone’s need, 
  • it is not said that we are able to achieve them in a reasonable time, 
  • it is not said that they are feasible, in general. 


Yes, in short, the product development process is that “apostrophe” between the words (new) idea and (new) product, which unfortunately is not always “pink“. 


Of many ideas that are created, “one in a thousand makes it” (cit.) And often along the way different languages are spokenthose of marketing, design, industrialization, … 


The path that we have structured in the GC&P Innovation School is designed to help SMEs and people to implement a structured process that, from the generation of ideas, leads to the creation of a product or service that has a marketachievable with the most effective production process for the management of production costs. 

Here is an overview of content that we want to transfer along the way: 

  • because we need to have many ideas to generate a new product, 
  • how to continue to generate innovative or improvement ideas, 
  • to whom can I sell the product that comes from my idea: how can I transform its needs into characteristics of my product, 
  • how the team helps us choose and discern the good idea, 
  • how to manage and organize development teams to reduce time to market, 
  • how to think of a product achievable with the production process we have available, or, what production process we need for this new product. 

For each content there are tools and techniques to be usedwhich we will go into furthercreativityScrum and Agile techniques, Design Thinking, Design for Manufacturing, Flow lay out, methods and times and more. 


Some men see things as they are and wonder “why”. 

I dream of things that have never been and I wonder “why not” ” 

John Fitzgerald Kennedy



Dream with us! 





Riccardo Bressan


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