The characteristics of a good leader: assertive communication

The characteristics of a good leader: assertive communication

The characteristics of a good leader: assertive communication


Assertive communication is a modality that starts from listening. 

Knowing how to listen allows you to detach yourself from your perception of reality, approaching that of your interlocutor. 

Understanding the value of the “parts” permits to identify and pursue a common goal. 


In the previous article we saw the different definitions of Leadership and what it means to be a leader today. 

With our expert Chiara Tasinazzo we now begin to deepen what are the characteristics of a good leader: assertive communication is one of these. 


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Assertive communication therefore enables you to enrich your vision, sharing it with others, in order to find a common point, an advantage for all parties involved. 

An aggressive or passive communication style leads, instead, to a destructive logicwhere a shared advantage is not built. 


A good leader can adapt his style using positive and constructive communication. 


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