From today we are certified Fondimpresa!

From today we are certified Fondimpresa!

From today we are certified Fondimpresa!

We are pleased to announce a new imortant target we have achieved: from today we are a firm certified by Fondimpresa!

As perhaps you already know we support companies to get public funds: we help them to keep updated on new calls, to submit new applications and to manage and report the funded projects implemented.

But it was our goal to offer you something more: therefore we have presented a petition to be accredited for projects promoted by Fondimpresa for training activities of employees of companies registered with this interprofessional fund and now we have been informed that our accreditation has been confirmed.

What does this mean?

If you do not know what Fondimpresa is we are going to explain it in a few words: it is an Interprofessional Fund set up by Confindustria, Cgil, Cisl and Uil.for continuous training.

It is the most important in Italy and it is open to companies of any sector or size.

Its main objective is to make available significant funds to promote training, an essential tool for innovation and development of our companies.

In particular, GC&P’s experts are accredited for the submission of projects (with a maximum amount of Euros 100.000) for the training of personnel of any sector and on any subject.

Fondimpresa manages the so called “Conto di Sistema“, a collective account set up to support  training projects with the contributions of the companies that adhere to it.

To assign its resources Fondimpresa periodically issues new calls inviting companies to submit their training projects.

Do not miss this opportunity: Next call will be published in Dicember 2019!

To be kept constantly up to date and for further information contact us here