GC&P goes back to High School: a lesson about the future!

GC&P goes back to High School: a lesson about the future!

GC&P goes back to High School: a lesson about the future!

A Youtuber, teacher, entrepreneur, cook, musician, astronaut, DJ or scientist?  

“What do I want to become when I grow up?” remains the top-of-head question that for generations and generations kids have kept on asking themselves! This question is still valid for today’s youngsters too… even if something HAS changed!

The world children face today is liquid, if not gaseous sometimes. “Flexibility” is one of the talents that today’s generation must develop instead of the outdated ‘fixed-place mentality’ that prevailed until the end of the past century.

GC&P lives and breathes the strong need for Innovation, Freshness, Flexibility and Intuition that characterizes today’s work life.

For this reason, we are sensitive to the current generations’ needs, and we want to help them make one of the most important choices of their lives.

That’s why today we were guests at the “Jacopo da Ponte” Scientific High School in Bassano del Grappa (VI).


With Chiara Tasinazzo, one of our Human Resources Experts and Life & Business Coach, we held an open meeting on the topic:



The students planned and organized an intense morning of workshops dedicated to their “self-awareness” and “future choices”.

Nice themes, Nice challenge, Great job guys and girls!

It is in this context that GC&P added a presentation on ‘The future, to the world of work, to the path to know oneself better and build one’s identity’!

Chiara stated: “The ideal choice stems from a person who has spent time getting to know him/herself, after having stood in front of the mirror for long in order to find out ‘Which is the ‘right job’ for me’ as a natural answers to the question ‘Who Am I?’”

Here are some strategies that Chiara suggested:

  • Observe who’s around you, with great curiosity: then imagine yourself in their shoes;
  • Spend time in environments where you’d like to live in future work and ask everyone as many questions as you will;
  • Make the most of your imagination… where you can create everything, where you might also find anxiety and crises, but, above all, where you will find endless possibilities and opportunities;
  • Enter the world of work as early as possible to experience the behaviours and abilities most suitable to your “self”.
  • Remember: Satisfaction and Achievement must reign supreme in whatever work you do. It’s up to you!


It is for these reasons that it is extremely important to foresee and give life to as many possible scenarios, roads, mistakes, “mental films” and use one’s imagination as much as possible.


It is essential to be aware and keep in mind: there is no ideal job, but with commitment devoted to a continuous and constant investigative and evolutionary process, we can create and live the ideal professional activity that will make us feel happy and fulfilled, day in day out.

Thanks to Chiara for this important Life Lesson!

Thank you, guys and girls, for choosing us for this important discussion regarding your Future and… Good Luck!