The one and only Lean Accounting master class in Italy

The one and only Lean Accounting master class in Italy

Lean Accounting:

• Actively supports the lean transformation.

• Helps grow the business by providing better information for better decisions.

• Provides lean-focused measurements and reporting that motivate lean change.

• Shows the true financial impact of lean improvement leading to growth and profitability.

• Provides information that is clear and understandable to everyone, without obscure financial language.

• Is itself lean, simple, and low waste.

GC&P e BMA Europe offer the Original Lean Accounting Master Class. Designed in the United States thank to the Ideas and experience of Brian Maskell, it has been improved during hundreds of sessions all around the world.

The purpose of the 2-day Lean Accounting Master Class is to provide a detailed description of the methods of Lean Accounting

The key topics covered in the two-day Lean Accounting Master class are:

I day – morning

The Background to Lean Accounting: a brief history of lean management and the role of management accounting. The key principles and main tools of lean accounting.

Solving the Standard Costing Problem: illustrating the dangers of using “Standard Costing” in a lean environment.

Lean Performance Measurements: defining lean performance measures and linking them to management accounting data. The “Performance Linkage Chart” of performance measures – from strategic to cell level.

Value Stream Costing: defining Value Streams and preparing the Value Stream Profit and Loss Account. Exercise.

I day – afternoon 

Understanding the cost of Capacity: If you control the flow through the Value Stream you control the cost. Improve the flow and you improve the potential for profit. How to measure the capacity (flow) of the Value Stream and show the financial benefits of improving Capacity. Exercise.

Lean Decision-Making: using lean accounting data to make decisions, and show the financial benefits of lean improvement. Exercise.

II day – morning 

Budgeting in a lean environment: making the budget process lean and getting useful and clear information from it.

Case Study: examples of lean accounting in action.

II day – afternoon 

Transaction Elimination: eliminating unnecessary accounting transactions in a lean environment.

Implementing Lean Accounting: Driving the business from Customer Value: the “Lean Accounting Maturity Path” and Action Planning.

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For more information on the next lean Accounting Master Class or in order to organize a Master Class in your own company, contact our colleague Alberto Canepari .