The new trilateral Poland-Italy-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce

The new trilateral Poland-Italy-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce

The new trilateral Poland-Italy-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce

GC&P is one of the promoters of EWCC (East West Chamber of Commerce) the new trilateral Chamber of Commerce set up among Poland, Italy and Ukraine. This is the only trilateral in the whole Polish territory and one of the few existing in Europe. Our purpose is to open a new channel for Small and Medium Companies willing to develop economic and commercial relationships among the three countries.


Joining the Chamber means enjoying many benefits and opportunities the most important of which is the possibility to create relationships with an exclusive group of people who manage strong and stable companies in the three countries.


Moreover: EWCC will support its members to promote their business in the Polish, Italian and Ukrainian markets and to improve their organizations and their capability to compete.

It will also work with public and local administrations and other institutions in order to remove legislative obstacles to an effective economic and commercial activity.


It will divulge all economic and financial information useful to promote exports and imports and technical – scientific -industrial cooperation. All members of the Chamber will have the possibility to promote their activities and to divulge their technical, scientific and organizational achievements using our website and our publications.

Besides all this EWCC will deal with artistic and cultural exchanges. It will organize cultural and educational events in order to divulge the main artistic and scientific works of our three countries. This activity is intended not only for the business world, but also for people and families who live abroad and want to maintain their ties with the culture, customs and language of their native countries.


EWCC headquarters will be in Lodz, Poland, but there will be representatives also in Warsaw and Krakow. Italian locations will be Asolo (TV) and Parma, while Ukrainian ones will be in Kiev, Lviv (Leopolis) and Odessa.


What are our objectives for the future?

  • To start operations by the end of 2019
  • To create a stable cooperation among the companies of the three countries
  • To support young entrepreneurs
  • To promote the principles of social responsibility and business ethics
  • To promote managerial education and culture


Download the statute of the Chamber


For more information contact us without delay! We will give you all the information and support for joining the EWCC.


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