VMSA – Virtual Marketing & Sales Academy: a new proposal for the marketing and commercial office

VMSA – Virtual Marketing & Sales Academy: a new proposal for the marketing and commercial office

VMSA – Virtual Marketing & Sales Academy: a new proposal for the marketing and commercial office


New proposal for the marketing and sales office: VMSA – Virtual Marketing & Sales Academy 


WHAT IS VMSA – Virtual Marketing & Sales Academy? 

VMSA – Virtual Marketing & Sales Academy is a training course developed by us at GC&P, together with Naìma and BACdedicated to those who want to learn more about marketing and sales issues in the BtB world. 

VMSA is made up of methods and practices that allow you to significantly improve your company’s marketing and sales performance in terms of: expanding opportunities, competitive positioning, converting opportunities into negotiations, closing index of deals by numbervalue and profitabilitysavings in resources and hidden costs related to sales, decrease in lead-time for closing negotiationsaccuracy of the forecasting and planning of turnover, customer retention, business expansionprofitability and reputation. 


The paths of the VMSA can be an excellent opportunity for the development of improvement projects. 

In factsupporting VMSA’s training activities with improvement projects allows you to: 

  • acquire useful information, 
  • carry out a more accurate preventive analysis of the situation and the potential for improvement, 
  • share a method approach, 
  • set realistic goals, 
  • involve important people, 
  • establish a common language, 
  • transform the culture of sales. 




Frequentando la nostra Academy imparerai:

By attending our Academy you will learn: 

  • how to listen to your client, 
  • how to build a marketing strategy and with what tools to implement it, 
  • how to choose the most suitable operational marketing tools for your business, 
  • what tools to use to generate new qualified contacts, 
  • what is your behavioral style and that of your client, 
  • what sales and negotiation techniques to apply for a successful sale, 
  • how to select and manage complex sales negotiations, 
  • how to generate value in every point of contact between your company and your customer, 
  • how to recognize and manage top customers or “key accounts“, 
  • how to move to restart your company’s export. 




The VMSA path is made up of 9 basic steps which can also be run through a free sequence. 

Each of the steps can be used for itselfas a training element, or represent the beginning of a specific project aimed at significantly improving the business and the results of the sale. 

The seminars have a very short duration (maximum 2 hours), compatible with the online course and with flexible time management. A registration will be available for each. 

The seminars foresee the carrying out of some preventive tasks and during the sessionwhich is highly interactive. 





Per chi completa il percorso: aperitivo virtuale alla fine del percorso, con invio in omaggio a casa/azienda di una bottiglia di prosecco e aperol, con un gadget GC&P.


For those who complete the routevirtual aperitif at the end of the route, with a free bottle of prosecco and aperol at home / company, with a GC&P gadget. 

VMSA can be used as a catalog open to all (omnibus) or developed ad hoc and exclusively for your company (faculty). 

The cost for the omnibus formula is ad personam and is € 1,300 for the entire route. 

The cost of the internal faculty formula is € 1,000 per person for the entire route (minimum 3 people). 

You can also participate in individual steps / seminars: the price is specified in the events area of our site: click here! 

Contact us to book your place! Write to eventi@gianesincanepari.com 




During the course, more teachers of Marketing, Communication and Business Development will be involved: Alberto CanepariMatteo MiottoFrancesco Ilari, Carlo Carestia, Paolo Pesavento, Stephanie Vella, Chiara Tasinazzo, Marzio Zanato and Alessandro Bruni.

Contact us for more information! Write to eventi@gianesincanepari.com