Lean & Green Journey: a journey to discover the environment and sustainability for your business, for your life

Lean & Green Journey: a journey to discover the environment and sustainability for your business, for your life

Lean & Green Journey: a journey to discover the environment and sustainability for your business, for your life



Environmental problems affect everyone, impact on our lives, on the business of our companies and yet a long way has already been done in recent years. 


We have always been sensitive to Lean and environmental issues. 


More than 10 years ago we created the Lean & Green methodology. 

For all these years we have promoted and proposed an approach that aims at organizational and environmental efficiency. 


We still confirm this path and this journeywhich we want to share with you. 


Our desire is in fact to: 

  • decrease waste and environmental impact, 
  • helping individuals and companies to seize the opportunities / benefits that attention to the environment can bring today. 


Aware of the fact that it is not possible to reduce the environmental impact on a large scale per se, or due to the good intentions and goodwill of a small number of people and organizations particularly sensitive to the issuewe believe that there must be concrete benefits for individuals and for companies. 


Aware of the fact that we must be the first to lead by example as companies and individuals, over time we have: 

  • helped many companies to decrease their environmental impacts and increase their business, 
  • we have set ourselves a strict environmental policy, 
  • we are ISO 14001 certified, 
  • we renovated the office according to the most innovative environmental standards, 
  • we have introduced paper free and pet free policies, 
  • we are gradually changing the fleet by switching to hybrid or electric engines. 

Read more about our environmental policy!


WHAT IS Lean & Green?

Lean & green is a set of principles and tools that help individuals and companies in a simple and concrete way to: 

  • understand environmental phenomena, 
  • measure them, 
  • reduce its impact, 
  • reap the benefits. 

WHAT IS Lean & Green Journey? 

The Lean & Green Journey is a 10-webinar journey dedicated to the discovery of Lean & Green and the advantages and benefits of choosing environmental sustainability as a value for your business, for your home, for your life. 




The path is made up of several fundamental steps which can also be run through a free sequence. 

Each of the steps can be used for itselfas a training element, or represent the beginning of a specific project aimed at significantly improving your sustainability path. 

The seminars will be offered online; a lot of interaction is expected with the teachers and participants in the course, in order to encourage exchange and comparison. 




Lean & Green: what are the environmental challenges that individuals and companies face today? 

A concise, precise and punctual picture of the pollution situation and its consequences in Veneto, Italy and Europe. 


I, as an individual, can do something for the environment: 

Zero emission house: dream or reality? 

Electric car: convenient? 

Can I, as an individual, do something about the environment with my lifestyle? 


The Lean & Green company: 

We learn to measure environmental performance and improve it 

Reducing consumption and energy costs is now possible with the Energy Reduction Program 

WRP: a scientific method to manage and reduce waste 

Building a more sustainable office with the SOP: Sustainable Office Program 

How to reduce the environmental impact on the entire life cycle of the product / service through Eco Design 

What incentives are there to decrease your environmental impact as a private individual or company? Learn about them and how to use them 


Do you want to participate in the entire 10 webinar course? The total value is € 600 + VAT. 

Do you want to participate in a webinar onlyIt’s possible! The price is specified in the events area of our site: click here!

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Don’t waitthis is the time to changedecreasing your and your company’s environmental impact and getting real benefits! 


We are at your side with our experience on Lean and Green and with our services of: 

  • training, 
  • advice, 
  • temporary management 


Contact us to book your place on this trip! 

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During the course our experts will be involved: Michele GuariseRiccardo BressanAlberto CanepariNicola Rigobello.

Contact us for more information! Write to eventi@gianesincanepari.com