PEOPLE AT THE CENTER: people are the engine of an organization’s success, find out how to become a leader

PEOPLE AT THE CENTER: people are the engine of an organization’s success, find out how to become a leader

PEOPLE AT THE CENTER: people are the engine of an organization’s success, find out how to become a leader


The challenges that people and companies are facing today are epochal. 


More and more, for the success of a company over time, it is essential to have these characteristics: 

  • ability to adapt to new market situations in a global context, 
  • ability to build strong organizations with shared visions, values, standards, 
  • ability to develop new products / services quickly, 
  • ability to rethink the organization and processes. 

The changes facing an SME are enormous. 


But companies are organizations and organizations are made up of people. 

The success of companies depends more and more on people and how they interact with each other within the organization. 


Are we able to face the challenges we are increasingly facing, in life and in business? 

Each person has a character, a story, an experienceneeds, a way of seeing the world and things, of different values. 

All this then requires a great job of alignment and training on and with people. 

In fact, in addition to fearwhich is a normal feeling, it is necessary to create a context of interaction and drive for action to become the engine of change and therefore of the success of an SME. 


From this context, from this need, from our skills, from our desire to always put “PEOPLE AT THE CENTER” the idea of LEADERSHIP PROGRAM was born. 


WHAT IS Leadership Program? 

Leadership Program is a path aimed at accompanying entrepreneurs, managers and anyone who wants to improve towards the acquisition of awareness, skills and tools to grow and relate to the best. 


Durante il percorso i nostri esperti forniranno metodi e tecniche per permettere a te e alla tua impresa di:

During the course our experts will provide methods and techniques to allow you and your company to: 

  • increase and improve your soft skills (ability to work in a team, ability to adapt quickly to changing situations, ability to work for processesability to work responsibly and smartly), 
  • find out how to align your thinking and your way of seeing things and the world with that of others, with the values and objectives of the company, 
  • strengthen the sense of belonging to the group, 
  • collaboratively solve challenges and misunderstandings quickly, 
  • discover the real talents / leaders of tomorrow.




The path is made up of several fundamental steps which can also be run through a free sequence. 


During the course, working methods and tools will be proposed to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Ikigai: to identify our why and that of the organizations in which we work, aligning the objectives of individuals with that of the group. 


  • SMART goals: to define measurable and achievable goals and stay focused on achieving them. 


  • Employee Map: Helps you understand yourself and othersIt provides operational guidelines on how to get the best out of yourself and others. 


  • Spiral Dynamics: helps improve team performance in contexts of strong change and is an essential tool for evolving one’s Leadership. 


  • Enneagram: helps to create better relationships within groups of people who need to interact with each other. 


  • Assertiveness: to communicate betterrespecting othersexpressing one’s point of view and accepting that of others. 


  • Experiential Training: to “learn by doing“, together with colleagues, in contexts other than the workplaceIt is the best driver of change and personal empowerment. 


  • Individual Coachingaccompanies people on a path of improvement and growth in the professional context and for those who want iteven in the private one. 


The seminars will be offered online; a lot of interaction is expected with the teachers and participants in the course, in order to encourage exchange and comparison. 





You are a private individual and want to improve your leadership skills, join our program. 


You are a company and you want to improve the climatestrengthen the sense of belongingdevelop your talents, register your people. 

Don’t miss the Leadership Program. 


The cost for the entire route, ad personam, is 700 € + VAT. 

You can also participate in individual steps / seminars, the price is specified in the events area of our site: click here! 

Contact us to book your place! Write to 




During the course our coaches and experts in Change Management, Leadership, Communication will be involved: Stephanie Vella and Chiara Tasinazzo.

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