Online training: are we at a turning point?

Online training: are we at a turning point?

Online training: are we at a turning point?

Almost a month after the start of our extraordinary programmingwe want to share a mini-survey carried out together with the participants of our webinars. 

During one of our webinars at 04.00 pm – FOCUS SME, in factwe conducted an “instant poll”, on the theme: online training. 


The results have been very interesting. 

Here’s what we asked for! 


Almost all of them replied that they appreciate very much the possibility of attending online management courses. 






Before the Corona Virus emergencyabout 70% had never taken online courses, an obvious sign that the crisis has led to a change compared to a technology that was already available. 





The benefits that online training users see in this are above all: the convenience in using them, the time savings, the speed compared to traditional training, the possibility to access the contents recorded even later and the possibility of interactivity. 




The preferred way to take advantage of online training is by far the possibility of participating in a live webinar and then having the video recording available. 





Also interesting is the data on the optimal duration of a webinarwhich settles between one and two hours maximum. 

A single preference for a duration of 4 hours. 






As far as the methods of conducting an online webinar are concerned, the stories of case histories and concrete examples, testimonials and a method that makes wise use of a mix of techniques are much preferred. 




Finallywhen asked if classroom or online course is more effective or not, 65%  believe that a classroom course is indifferent and only 20% believe that a classroom course is more effective, 15% still believe that the online method is more effective. 





Some conclusions that we feel to draw from reading the instant poll: 

  • the crisis forced us to adopt a new way to take advantage of training; 
  • people were not yet accustomed to this modality, but they show that they appreciate the benefits: the convenience, the timing, the usability of the contents; 
  • the vast majority of users consider online training more effective or effective in the same way as classroom training; 
  • hardly after the Coronavirus crisis will go back, classroom training will continue but will be increasingly supported by online training. 
  • Finallyas regards the methods of carrying out online training, two aspects are very important: the request for brevity with sessions / webinars of maximum 1-2 hours and the use of a mix of interactive techniques to involve more and more the participants. 

Thank you very much to all the participants in the Instant Poll for their valuable contributionat GC&P, we are committed to further improving the methods of providing online or classroom training for managers, entrepreneurs and people from SMEs. 


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