A new website for GC&P!

A new website for GC&P!

A new website for GC&P!

At the beginning of this year we made the decision to change our way to present ourselves and our initiatives, which made the modification of our website an absolute and urgent priority.

Now, after a few months of work, we are glad to present it.

We have made the changes needed for a Search engine optimization (SEO) and for increasing the visibility and traffic of our website; in addition, we have improved its usability and readability by means of a modern and captivating design.

In our homepage you find a slideshow with all our services and with the most interesting information about our events or other services like how to sell in Germany or what is e-Kanban.

Moreover, we have divided our services into the following four areas or business unit in order to make it easier to select the areas of interest:

  • Business development: for SMEs willing to grow in international markets;
  • Lean Organization: for all companies willing to become more efficient and competitive;
  • Human Resources: for those willing to put people at the centre;
  • Public Funding: to support those willing to have access to public funds.

Inside each area it is possible to find all the services we provide from strategic marketing to lean organization, from international development to public funding. For each service we describe what we do and the benefits that can be achieved. We also present our consultants so that everyone can know in advance the people who could work with them for the benefit of their business.

A significant innovation is in the event page: beside a description of each event we give the possibility to register directly from our website, which makes registration much easier and faster.

Finally, in our blog it is possible to see all the news and keep constantly up to date on the subjects and events of your interest. Furthermore, you will have access to case studies that will give you food for thought and show how we manage improvement projects.

What are you waiting for?

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